Youth for Change: wellness workshop
4 hours, up to 20 youth per workshop

Youth for Change was developed to encompass the four elements of the Medicine Wheel; mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. The main goal of our workshops is to teach, guide and mentor youth through the sharing of our stories, creation of safe spaces within, movement to set ourselves free and reflection that builds insight.


Medicine Wheel Circle

To start the workshop, youth and mentors will come together for introductions, a history and explanation of the traditional Medicine Wheel, and an amusing warm-up activity.

  • Sit in circle (explanation and intention)

  • Introductions

  • Medicine Wheel Explanation

  • Ice-breaker

Mental - sharing

Mentors will lead youth in sharing personal stories from their own lives or their ancestors, subjects will include murdered and missing women, suicide, residential schools, self-harm and the real struggles of everyday life. Following this, youth will be invited to release their negative thoughts through some creative writing.

  • Getting real with our collective history and personal stories


Emotional - connecting

Youth will then explore their emotive side through games. Group and/or individual, depending on size, all games are designed to create safe spaces to recognize and release heavy feelings.

  • Being real with emotions


Physical - expression

Time to get up and move! Youth will be guided through a series of somatic instructions; learning how to express themselves through artistic actions.

* Physical communication in creative movement


Spiritual - reflection

To cap off the workshop, mentors will meditate with the youth and conduct one last activity, in self reflection, and self awareness.

*Release through movement, intention and breathing