“With utmost enthusiasm I endorse imagi’NATION & Beneath the Surface Society and their mission to ensure the future for messages of love and hope will be able to reach and make a difference to the people, especially the impressionable youth of our country.”

-Jim Crescenzo, Templeton Secondary School - Drama Department

"I whole-heartedly believe in this project and can foresee its continued success in inspiring the youth, on such important and sensitive matters, both in the aboriginal and non-aboriginal communities. The desire, dedication and willingness to bring awareness about suicide and related vulnerabilities into the public eye, takes a kind of bravery and passion that I have seen in the imagi’NATION tribe unconditionally. I firmly feel that wellness, heath and community in abundance is what will bind the mind, heart and soul and bring us all closer together."

-Tom Crean, Kearney Funeral Services

"It is with great honour to endorse the vision and mission of imagi’NATION Collective and Beneath the Surface Society and highly recommend that we expose their production/s to as many youth as we can. Together we can make a difference in the lives of our younger generations."

-Lu Ripley, Vancouver Crisis Centre