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Beneath the Surface began as the raw theatre concept, which initiated the dawn of imagi’NATION Productions, as well as the Beneath the Surface Society, in 2010. This poignant discussion unravels layers of truth and reconciling, the story beneath. Motivated by and drawn from the darkness of the tragic suicide of a BC First Nations teen, the intention is to take its participants on a journey towards healing and compassion and deep understanding.


Beneath the Surface is more than just a play...

it is a true story.


It’s a TRUE STORY about the reality of many aboriginal communities throughout Canada. This theatre production touches on the heavy issues, such as suicide, substance abuse, bullying and the affects they have.


We as a community have been committed to expressing the challenges as well as the possibilities of our current situation, while creating new dialogues and channels through artistic expression, about reconciliation. 


We have built teaching and educational tools around the play's purpose, to educate and inform youth in Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities throughout Canada, bring awareness and understanding on suicide, abuse, addictions, health and love.