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Beneath the Surface Society

not-for-profit partner of imagi'NATION Collective




Board: Jenifer Brousseau (Chair), Suki Murley, Laura Coriale, Tom Creane, Mariel Belanger, John Brousseau (Elder), Curtis Ahenakew, Mitch Saddleback



Beneath the Surface Society is a not-for-profit grassroots Indigenous Based outreach program for bringing relief, education, support, prevention efforts and healing to Indigenous communities affected by trauma.

GOAL 2019: Immediate and ongoing educational modules for the youth and educators in middle schools, high schools, universities and especially Indigenous communities in Canada

STRATEGY: imagi’NATION Productions will create a main 7-week program, with a focus on self-care, health and education, based on grassroots traditional teachings such as [The Medicine Wheel and The Seven Grandfather teachings] in order to uplift and inspire youth to be aware and proactive

GOAL 2020: Relief Outreach for Indigenous communities affected by crisis 

STRATEGY: Beneath the Surface Society will take responsibility for raising and contributing financial aid to support imagi’NATION Productions and partners in relief and prevention efforts within traumatized First Nations communities to ensure the future of the youth.

GOAL 2021: The creation of several, multi-faceted, sustainable support systems for Canadian Reservations and Indigenous Communities by

STRATEGY: Partner with like-minded organizations to facilitate platforms for ongoing aid, rejuvenation and education within First Nations communities; including but not limited to clean water initiatives, re-building on the reservations, traditional skills and language, mental health strategies, and addictions support. Creating opportunity in the community for the community.